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Over 25 hours of clear recordings, sung by masters personally trained by Sheikh Abdurrahman al-Shaghouri. A chance for you to learn the words & melodies, sing along and add listening bliss to your day.

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On The Shore (Vol 1) contains the 96 more commonly known qasidas spread over 9 hours. LISTEN TO SAMPLES

Wading The Sea (Vol 2) contains the remaining 108 qasidas, also spread over 9 hours. LISTEN TO SAMPLES

Marvels Of The Deep (Vol 3) contains 59 more recordings spread over 6 hours. These additional recordings account for qasidas with multiple choruses and are sung in different maqams to give you listening variety. LISTEN TO SAMPLES

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The Qasida recordings have been beautifully sung. They are clear and the tunes that have been selected are easy to follow along to. I love that I can listen to them when practicing my singing and at night before bed.

Sarfaraz Hussain

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The album was recorded in a soundproof studio without any instruments or voice effects. Not only does this help you hear the pronunciation of every letter, but you feel as though you are with the munshideen.

Many listeners even tell us that listening to the album often puts them into spiritual states like those they feel in real-life gatherings.

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Thank you so much for offering these recordings. They're a blessing to own and a source of barakah in one's ears. The best thing about the recordings for me is that they're only vocals. It gives them a sense of purity, simulating presence in one's mind and heart. May Allah reward you immensely!

Mostafa H.

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All of the qasidas have been sung in the same way that they are formatted in the book. Thus the album and book together help you learn the words, poetic meters (buhur) and melodic modes (maqamat).

Combined with a wide variety of medleys suggested by Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Sha’’ar, the album also makes it possible for you, your family and your friends to hold small majalis, even if you don’t have a munshid to lead the way.

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The Songs of Presence Qasidas are particularly useful when we, here in the UK, gather for singing practice. They help us learn new tunes and remind us of tunes that we don’t hear very frequently. They are an excellent and easy-to-access resource.

Iqbal Mohammed

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Sung by Masters

Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Sha’’ar was the lead munshid in the mawlids/hadras of the Ridaa Masjid, Masjid al­-Nuriyya and Masjid al-­Ward in Syria. Sheikh Mohammad Irshayd was a munshid in the hadras of Sheikh Abdurrahman al-Shaghouri for 20 years and was famous for his solos (tafrid).

These masters were personally trained by Sheikh Abdurrahman al-Shaghouri and they, through their intimate knowledge & experience, have helped us to record the qasidas in the way that they were sung during the time of Sheikh Abdurrahman al-Shaghouri.

Not only do they have beautiful voices, but they are masters of maqam, melodies, words and meanings.

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I mostly listen to the Songs of Presence Qasidas while driving around in my car. I really like them because of their clarity (you can hear the words being pronounced) and because there are two munshids instead of one. They’ve helped me properly learn the Qasida tunes I already know, as well as learn of new tunes that I’ve never heard before. Jazakum Allahu Khair for making these recordings.

Jehad Shamis

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The Songs of Presence Album is the culmination of a year-long effort that involved co-ordinating the munshideen and studio, whilst respecting the depreciating effect that excessive singing has.

The result is 25+ hours of clear recordings, sung by masters, giving you a chance to learn the words & melodies, sing along and add listening bliss to your day.

The Album is spread over 3 volumes that you can buy independently or altogether.

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